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Hear Josie on UK Talk Radio 

In this interview with Johnathan Hines, I talk about Shiatsu, hypnotherapy, phobias and addiction.

Recorded back in April 2018.

Josie Pridmore - UK Talk Radio Interview -
00:00 / 00:00 – Josephine Pridmore – The GHR is currently the largest professional registering organisation for practising hypnotherapists in the UK. – Josephine Pridmore – Accredited Practitioner of the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists. For the ethical promotion of non-pharmaceutical Stop Smoking methods. – Shiatsu Register Josephine Pridmore

The Broadstone Clinic – Hypnotherapy & NLP – Life Coaching – Shiatsu. – Within the United Kingdom the National Smoking Cessation Institute is a unique organisation, both in the way in which it helps smokers quit and the way in which it is developing and improving cessation techniques. – Specialising in listing services.

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